Lean Manufacturing

BLC has unique insight on production management. We customize Lean trainings and short and long-term lean consulting programs. We will help a factory to re-examine its value chain, to develop gap analysis, and to implement Kaizen projects on the shop-floor.

Item Description Delivery
LEAN simulation & Lean
Fundamentals Workshop
Introduce basic LEAN concepts and tools via a role-playing simulation. Key LEAN terms will be explained during the workshop, e.g. seven wastes, metrics, pull vs. push, LEAN layout, etc. 1 week on-site workshop
Value Stream Mapping Workshop Introduce VSM tools and techniques, guide attendees on-site to draw current and future VSM. Help factory formalize Kaizen action plan and follow up.  2 day/week,
total 6 weeks
New Facility Set-up Help client with capacity optimization and plant design. Embed LEAN principles in layout and material flow. On-site coaching,
total 3 months
Line Balancing Kaizen Activity Introduce line balancing tools and techniques. Guide attendees on-site to adjust imbalance among different processes and optimize line efficiency. 3 days/month,
total 3 months
Job Instruction Training Workshop Introduce Job Instruction method and offer our client a systematic shop-floor training model. Help trainees learn job breakdown techniques, practice 4-step method, and help factory grow internal trainers. 3 days/month,
total 3 months